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Walk For Values - Heuweloord Sai Centre

Walk For Values On The 12th May 2018 By The Heuweloord Sai Centre,Pretoria,Gauteng South Africa

The Heuweloord Sai Centre took to the community streets on the 12th May 2018 to spread the message of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba through the “Walk for Values” Service activity (seva) which is designed to raise the awareness of the 5 Human Values: Love, Peace, Truth, Non-Violence and Right-Conduct and the importance of practicing Human Values integrated into daily life within any community.

The Walk commenced at 08:30am under the supervision of marshals and adults from the Sai Centre. Devotees enthusiastically walked a 2.5 km route through the community of Heuweloord whilst chanting values and rendering melodious spiritual songs (Bhajans) which were awe-inspiring . This prompted any residents to stop to ask what the Sathya Sai Organisation was all about and they queried the purpose of the walk with the values it was representing. Their eagerness to know more about integrating the values was incredibly inspiring. The walk concluded around 11:00am in a hall with other activities and values-filled games for all present.

A yummy bring-and-share lunch rounded off this deeply spiritually charged day around 12h30. Some of the pictures depicting this amazing energy packed activity with about 50 Sai aspirant devotees from the centre captures the mood and essence of this very special service outreach for that local community at large.

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