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2018 Easwaramma Day - Malagazi Sai Centre

On the 29th April 2018, the Ladies Seva Team at the Malagazi Sai Centre embarked on a Mother and Child Seva function.

his was in commemoration of the sacred Mother Easwaramma Day (6th May 2018). The Ladies Team went all out on a mission and produced and distributed handmade scarves, beanies, baby and adult bootees, track suits and baby blankets. In addition they also handed out secret socks, toiletry packs and party packs.

There was a planned morning variety program to entertain and enthral the folks of Malagazi with some:

  • Bhajans
  • A poem recital
  • A Zulu dance
  • An inspirational Talk, culminating in the distribution of the around 255 items

The 25 Sevadals provided a sumptuous lunch to the 300 recipients of this Seva. They were served one of South African’s very popular “beans bunny chow” This most meaningful and sacred Seva program in honor of our Beloved Mother Easwaramma was then concluded.

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