Practical Spirituality - Living Sai Values in daily life

Today people are not making proper use of their mind, effort, position and wealth (mati, gati, sthiti andsampatti). As a result, they lose the sacred energy that God has given and are also subjected to misery and grief because of evil traits like desire, anger and greed (kama, krodha and lobha). You have absolutely no control over your desires. When one desire is fulfilled, you crave for another! Anger is another evil trait which ruins people. "One with anger will not be successful in any endeavour. They will commit sins and be ridiculed by one and all," says a Telugu poem. Hatred is more dangerous than anger. It gives rise to many evil qualities which come in the way of experiencing Divinity. Do not turn into a beast by allowing these wicked qualities to overpower you. Constantly remind yourself that you are a human being and keep a check over your bestial tendencies.

How can we live Sai values in our daily life?


National Youth Camp

National Youth Camp 2016

InviteDate: 9-11 September 2016

Time: Friday (18:00) to Sunday (14:00)

Venue: Dragon Peaks Mountain Resort

Numbers are Limited and payment secures your place.

Registration is now closed. Please contact brother Dashen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Abhimanyu Kaul visit to South Africa

Brother Abhimanyu Kaul will be visiting South Africa and he will be conducting parenting workshops for teachers and balvikas gurus on value based education. He will also do satsang on experiences with the Lord. An itinerary will follow shortly.


Abhimanyu Kaul, fondly called as Abhi, feels proud and blessed to be a Sai student. He was in Bhagawan's divine care during the years 1980-1990 in Puttaparthi where he completed his Masters in Commerce. Abhi was born and brought up in India and moved to Toronto, Canada developing his life's purpose with his company called "Values in Action. Spreading the awareness, need and practical implication of values has become his passion.
Abhi believes that his only and true identification is being a 'Sai Student'. He brings with him a plethora of divine experiences from his school and college days. He inspires all by sharing the lessons learnt at the Lotus Feet. He was blessed to be part of Veda group, Dance, Poetry, University Band and many other activities during his student days. He is a great story teller who brings alive those divine moments. He has been a great example for us all.

Additionally,  as per his guidance instruction and blessings I have been engaged in spreading values education. I was blessed to be advisor to the ministry of education Trinidad and Tobago for values and character education. Where we started a values school,  Vid international.  Presently the work is going in state of Sikkim, and Delhi India and Medan, Indonesia also.


National Aradhana Mahotsavam Celebration

Unity of Faith Event - Chatsworth Stadium, Durban

The day 24TH April 2016 has finally arrived. Months of planning finally to fruition. Approximately 10000 Sai aspirants nationally flocked to the Chatsworth Stadium to celebrate Love in Action, our humble offering at the Lotus feet of all seeing, all knowing Master.
The procession of the Golden Chariot to Welcome to our Beloved Swami, Gracing us with this Divine Presence on this day that we are paying tribute to His Message. The presence of swami was truly felt by all those that attended.

light the lampWe were fortunate be in the presence of national and international distinguished guests, prof Anil Kumar, The premier of KZN Senzo Mchunu , guests from the various organisations these are just a few  to name. The lamp was lit by our distinguished guests to signify the commencement of the function. Professor Anil Kumar once again translating a video discourse by our divine master transporting us all back to Prashanti Devotees and Aspirants were addressed by various speakers sharing their messages of love:

Address by the National President – Dr Naven Govender      
“Don’t consider any act of service as demeaning. Sweeping the streets, for example, it is not below your dignity. When we undertake such tasks others will gladly share in them, why be ashamed to be good?”       

Central Coordinator- Mr Allen Reddy
"Love is God, and God is Love. There is no difference between God and Love. They are one in the same. This energy of Love, which is God, is immersed in the entire creation of the universe."

Zonal Chair – Mr Ramesh Hatiramani
“Every-day our lives should be spirtualised with the name of the lord on our lips, we must chant his name, sing to his glory to the extent that his name will resonate in our hearts all through the day.

Dr Narendranath Reddy – Video Message
His profound message on us taking the sai legacy, medicare, sociocare, and educare to the communities and continuing the amazing work that our beloved lord started.We should be beacons of the world.

Premier Senzo MchunuMr Ramesh Hatiramani Allan Reddy

Guest of Honour – Premier Senzo Mchunu
During his talk he made reference to our white dress and about the purity and goodness it infers. He encouraged us to internalise this goodness and let it live and grow in our communities. A powerful message indeed!

Prof Anil KumarDivine Translator – Professor Anil Kumar
Shared his experiences with our divine lord which always leaves us always thirsting for more. One of the messages from his talks that stands out in our minds is that we need to be proud of our religion, love our country, Sathya sai baba belongs to everyone. If there is no unity, there is no purity. Purity leads to Divinity. Divinity is out of sight out of mind. By us strengthening   our unity amongst mankind we will experience purity and eventually reach divinity.

playThese are just some of the inspiring talks from some other speakers. Amidst all the inspiring talks and and soul stiring bhajans , we were treated to beautiful sketches and dances by the SSE and SSEHV children and youth. Youth recited beautiful poetry written by themselves as love offerings to our dear Bhagavan. The Blood camp saw devotees streaming in the spirit of the Aradhna Mohotsavam sharing their gift of life- liquid love. Aspirants were treated to a creative exhibition and the ladies forum exhibition of their work done for this year. The day ended with beautiful bhajans and devotees left spiritually charged as the event drew to a close.


Click here to view more photos of this event

Hindvani Tellephone Interview with Dr Naven Govender

Love Offerrings

CD by Candice Naidoo




Khayelitsha Devotional Group - Western Cape

IMG 7424With Swami’s bountiful blessings, a divine couple by the names of Brother Bulelani and Sister Nozi have started a devotional Sai group in the township setting of Khayelitsha (Xhosa term meaning ‘new home’) in the Western Cape region. They are long standing devotees who live by Swami’s teachings in their daily lives. Brother Bulelani has translated the entire Bhagvad Gita and Swami’s Jnana Vahini into Xhosa so fellow members of the community can enjoy the nectarous teachings of Bhagwan. They have 3 loving children by the names of Prashanti, Tini and Kwezi Sathya Sai.

wc groupBrother Bulelani and Sister Nozi are beacons of light to their community and the vision they have for the children, youth and women of Khayelitsha is amazing. They work with youth to guide them along the right path and away from social habits that are prevalent in the community. In their home, youth and children find a safe haven where human values are instilled and the message of ‘Simply living, High Thinking’ is inculcated into their lives. Sister Nozi helps women who cant provide for their families through food hampers, clothing and other means of support.

7th February 2016 was the Divine inauguration of the Sai devotional group in Khayelitsha. Satsang now takes place weekly on a Sunday from 09h00 to 10h00. The love and divine presence of Swami is felt through the deep yearning and devotion the devotees of Khayelisha have and share.

wc group02Recently the Sai family of Western Cape region took 23 youth from Khayelitsha to the Greenpoint Urban Park. It was a day of sports, interactive games as well as a motivational talk by some youth and Brother Bulelani. Each youth from Khayelitsha that attended received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for showing commitment and being part of the day. This is the beginning of a wonderful transformative program of which all wings and forums of the Western Cape Organization can play an integral and integrative role.Brother Bulelani’s vision for the Khayelitsha devotional group is to use the teachings of Bhagwan to create leaders amongst the youth of Khayelitsha who will learn to lead by example. This stands to bring transformation amongst their peers and family members in a manner that serves society and creates exemplary citizens of the country. We, as a region, also wish to introduce the Education in Human Values program for the children and have regional seva projects such as medical camps in the near future.
Brother Bulelani’s wish is to have a library and technology hub where spiritual literature is available to all and this can also serve as a space to tutor and mentor students of the community.
Together with the Blessings of Bhagwan we pray that the beautiful love of the Sai family of Khayelitsha grows and glows with Swami’s love and teachings and the message of Ubuntu continues to strive and thrive amongst all of us.

wc group04


National Water Project

Due to a record low in rainfall in South Africa, 5 of the 9 provinces have been declared disaster (drought) areas, The SSIOSA also partnered with the Gift of the Givers in a drive to collect bottled water and distribute to the disaster struck areas. Devotees rallied together in this drive throughout the country.

This project was started around the 11 November 2015 and to date 15 000 people have been served with in excess of 150 000 litres of clean water supported by a volunteer base of 300 volunteers coun-try wide. Some of the areas that were assisted were Mtubatuba (North Coast) one of the distribution points being Mtubatuba High School, where the Honourable Mayor and Officials were present.

Also the villages, QwaQwa (Free State), Bloemfontein (Free State), Harding and Padock (South Coast) also benefitted from our love offering of water. This will be an ongoing project up until the drought is alleviated. When we look at the smiles which a simple service can achieve, that is all the reward our heart desires - smiles on the people we serve. Thank you Swami.

qwa qwa water01water project


A Sathya Sai Baba Vibuthi Miracle in Durban South Africa

Dr. Geeta ReddyA Pre World Conference (PWC) for Zone 9A of the Sathya Sai International Organisation was held in Durban, South Africa during 4-6 September, 2015.

The Hon. Dr. Geeta Reddy, an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and also a respected member of the Legislative Assembly of Andhra  Pradesh, from the state of Telangana in South India , was invited as a guest speaker for all three days of the Pre World Conference.

At the conference Dr. Geeta Reddy narrated many experiences and service activities with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and she also shared a personal miracle relating to her husband. Her talks left an indelible impression on the minds of many devotees at the conference. Unbeknown to her when she left India for the conference she carried 3 packets of sacred vibuthi given to her personally by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and this vibuthi was to manifest in the unfolding of a divine miracle in Durban South Africa. Also attending the conference was one troubled grandfather devotee, whose 9 month old grandchild was suffering with meningitis. This grandfather repeatedly called upon a devotee who was interacting with Dr Reddy in the hope that she could arrange for Dr.Geeta to visit his grandchild in hospital for a blessing.  The request unfortunately could not be met due to the hectic and tight schedule of the PWC. Towards the end of the conference this little baby was given very little hope of survival by the doctor in attendance at the Ballito Hospital in Durban. The doctor advised the family that the child was considered brain dead and will be held in intensive care for a few more days and nothing more can be done for the child.

baby01By sheer pure coincidence on the next day the grandfather had to take his sister- in- law to the airport who was travelling to Puttaparthi. At the airport he spotted Dr Geeta Reddy and her Husband who were departing for India.

He immediately went over and narrated his grand child’s problem, and how much he had wanted her to come to see the child in the hospital. She was so touched by his plight that she took out a plastic pouch which had the 3 vibhuthi packets in it from her purse. She told him that she had received an inner command to carry these packets just before her departure to the International airport at Hyderabad, India. She reassured the grandfather that she now knows, that this vibhuthi was meant for his grandchild alone and sent by our Lord Sai! Sathya Sai Baba who hears every one’s sincere prayers. Dr Reddy prayed for the baby and left to board the flight with her husband.

Baby02The vibhuthi was safely given to the baby’s mother by the grandfather. She immediately applied the vibhuthi onto the little baby still lying very ill in the  ICUward at the hospital. There was total disbelief by the medical team in the ICU ward when they suddenly heard this little baby start to cry as all had considered the child brain dead. What a Miracle!
Swami’s Miracle vibhuthi had done its work. The brain infection quickly subsided after that first application of vibuthi. A loving devotee, a few days later, also provided Swami’s Robe to be kept next to the baby.

Following this timely intervention doctors declared that the brain infection had subsided and she would recover soon.

Baby03Now the blessed baby is out of hospital and playing like any normal child of her age.Such is the great compassion of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, though not physically present; HE sent "The Miracle Vibhuthi" from thousands of miles across the globe for this little baby as HE had heard the sincere prayers of the mother and family. This “Vibhuthi Miracle “undoubtedly strengthens our faith in our Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, because HE is very much with us all the time and hears all  sincere our prayers. HE is the ever present HRIDAYAVASI (In dweller of our heart).


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