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IMG 7424With Swami’s bountiful blessings, a divine couple by the names of Brother Bulelani and Sister Nozi have started a devotional Sai group in the township setting of Khayelitsha (Xhosa term meaning ‘new home’) in the Western Cape region. They are long standing devotees who live by Swami’s teachings in their daily lives. Brother Bulelani has translated the entire Bhagvad Gita and Swami’s Jnana Vahini into Xhosa so fellow members of the community can enjoy the nectarous teachings of Bhagwan. They have 3 loving children by the names of Prashanti, Tini and Kwezi Sathya Sai.

wc groupBrother Bulelani and Sister Nozi are beacons of light to their community and the vision they have for the children, youth and women of Khayelitsha is amazing. They work with youth to guide them along the right path and away from social habits that are prevalent in the community. In their home, youth and children find a safe haven where human values are instilled and the message of ‘Simply living, High Thinking’ is inculcated into their lives. Sister Nozi helps women who cant provide for their families through food hampers, clothing and other means of support.

7th February 2016 was the Divine inauguration of the Sai devotional group in Khayelitsha. Satsang now takes place weekly on a Sunday from 09h00 to 10h00. The love and divine presence of Swami is felt through the deep yearning and devotion the devotees of Khayelisha have and share.

wc group02Recently the Sai family of Western Cape region took 23 youth from Khayelitsha to the Greenpoint Urban Park. It was a day of sports, interactive games as well as a motivational talk by some youth and Brother Bulelani. Each youth from Khayelitsha that attended received a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for showing commitment and being part of the day. This is the beginning of a wonderful transformative program of which all wings and forums of the Western Cape Organization can play an integral and integrative role.Brother Bulelani’s vision for the Khayelitsha devotional group is to use the teachings of Bhagwan to create leaders amongst the youth of Khayelitsha who will learn to lead by example. This stands to bring transformation amongst their peers and family members in a manner that serves society and creates exemplary citizens of the country. We, as a region, also wish to introduce the Education in Human Values program for the children and have regional seva projects such as medical camps in the near future.
Brother Bulelani’s wish is to have a library and technology hub where spiritual literature is available to all and this can also serve as a space to tutor and mentor students of the community.
Together with the Blessings of Bhagwan we pray that the beautiful love of the Sai family of Khayelitsha grows and glows with Swami’s love and teachings and the message of Ubuntu continues to strive and thrive amongst all of us.

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