South African Pilgrimage 2015 "I AM I"

For the thousands of spiritual seekers that journey to the hamlet of Puttaparthi

The 09th of October presented an opportunity to witness a drama performed by a foreign country. However for the one hundred South Africans, the 09th of October, during evening Darshan, was the climax of a weeklong pilgrimage for the Rainbow Nation to perform a beautifully portrayed play on the Divine stage at SAI Kulwant Hall once again since 2010. The SAI youth enacted a drama production “I AM I”. This play satirically represents possibly the biggest non-drug addiction of the 21st century, the cellphone.


“I” in this instance refers to the I-Phone who becomes an appendage to the characters in the play as they surrender their lives to the I-Phone. The watershed moment occurs when “I” is unable to accompany his users into the Sanctor Sanctorium at Prashanti Nilayam yet a young The beats of Africa resonated vibrantly through the Mandir man they earlier scoffed at for not having an I-PHONE is instantly allowed. This production succinctly depicts the dilemma all of mankind faces in a fast paced evolving technological era. People have never been more instantly “connected” in all ages, yet we lack the heart to heart connection that social media cannot replace.


South Africa concluded with a rendition of six melodious songs with a narration in prayer offering to Swami. The beats of Africa resonated vibrantly through the Mandir and reminded us South Africans once more of how blessed we will continue to feel that Swami touched our continent with His Lotus Feet as Sai Baba.

You may watch the same in this link 
“Do not waste time and whatever genuine knowledge you have, use it well”. Baba 
Everyone has just 24 hours each day. If part of it is wasted, it is gone forever and can never be retrieved. 
We love you, Dearest Sai, South Africa loves you!


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