National Aradhana Mahotsavam Celebration

Unity of Faith Event - Chatsworth Stadium, Durban

The day 24TH April 2016 has finally arrived. Months of planning finally to fruition. Approximately 10000 Sai aspirants nationally flocked to the Chatsworth Stadium to celebrate Love in Action, our humble offering at the Lotus feet of all seeing, all knowing Master.
The procession of the Golden Chariot to Welcome to our Beloved Swami, Gracing us with this Divine Presence on this day that we are paying tribute to His Message. The presence of swami was truly felt by all those that attended.

light the lampWe were fortunate be in the presence of national and international distinguished guests, prof Anil Kumar, The premier of KZN Senzo Mchunu , guests from the various organisations these are just a few  to name. The lamp was lit by our distinguished guests to signify the commencement of the function. Professor Anil Kumar once again translating a video discourse by our divine master transporting us all back to Prashanti Devotees and Aspirants were addressed by various speakers sharing their messages of love:

Address by the National President – Dr Naven Govender      
“Don’t consider any act of service as demeaning. Sweeping the streets, for example, it is not below your dignity. When we undertake such tasks others will gladly share in them, why be ashamed to be good?”       

Central Coordinator- Mr Allen Reddy
"Love is God, and God is Love. There is no difference between God and Love. They are one in the same. This energy of Love, which is God, is immersed in the entire creation of the universe."

Zonal Chair – Mr Ramesh Hatiramani
“Every-day our lives should be spirtualised with the name of the lord on our lips, we must chant his name, sing to his glory to the extent that his name will resonate in our hearts all through the day.

Dr Narendranath Reddy – Video Message
His profound message on us taking the sai legacy, medicare, sociocare, and educare to the communities and continuing the amazing work that our beloved lord started.We should be beacons of the world.

Premier Senzo MchunuMr Ramesh Hatiramani Allan Reddy

Guest of Honour – Premier Senzo Mchunu
During his talk he made reference to our white dress and about the purity and goodness it infers. He encouraged us to internalise this goodness and let it live and grow in our communities. A powerful message indeed!

Prof Anil KumarDivine Translator – Professor Anil Kumar
Shared his experiences with our divine lord which always leaves us always thirsting for more. One of the messages from his talks that stands out in our minds is that we need to be proud of our religion, love our country, Sathya sai baba belongs to everyone. If there is no unity, there is no purity. Purity leads to Divinity. Divinity is out of sight out of mind. By us strengthening   our unity amongst mankind we will experience purity and eventually reach divinity.

playThese are just some of the inspiring talks from some other speakers. Amidst all the inspiring talks and and soul stiring bhajans , we were treated to beautiful sketches and dances by the SSE and SSEHV children and youth. Youth recited beautiful poetry written by themselves as love offerings to our dear Bhagavan. The Blood camp saw devotees streaming in the spirit of the Aradhna Mohotsavam sharing their gift of life- liquid love. Aspirants were treated to a creative exhibition and the ladies forum exhibition of their work done for this year. The day ended with beautiful bhajans and devotees left spiritually charged as the event drew to a close.


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Hindvani Tellephone Interview with Dr Naven Govender

Love Offerrings

CD by Candice Naidoo



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