International Veda Conference

The Sathya Sai International Organisation of South Africa have been given the opportunity to attend the 1st International Veda Conference taking place in Prasanthi, Puttaparthi on the 20th and 21st November 2017. There will also be a Multifaith Program. For all who would love to understand more on the powerful Vedam and wanting to attend Bhagavan’s advent celebration in Parthi, attending the conference would be a bonus. Please register below

Registration will need to be treated as urgent in order to book your place.

“My love towards the Veda is equaled only by my love towards Humanity. I have come to instruct all in the essence of the Vedas, to protect the ancient wisdom, and to preserve it. If the injunctions given in the Vedas are followed by mankind they will be free from affliction. Dharma (righteousness) is based upon Veda. If Dharma collapses, the Universe may collapse, If the Universe collapses, Dharma may collapse. But the foundation that is Veda remains intact. If, however, the very foundation that is Veda collapses, both Dharma and Universe will collapse. Hence everybody has to strive to protect the Vedas, for, both Dharma and the Universe are based on Vedas”. Baba

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  2. Rudram Tutorial 2
  3. Rudram Tutorial 3
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  5. Rudram Tutorial 5
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  12. Sancha Me
  13. Sri Rudram Complete with Sancha Me
International Veda Conference

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