Practical Spirituality - Living Sai Values in daily life

Today people are not making proper use of their mind, effort, position and wealth (mati, gati, sthiti andsampatti). As a result, they lose the sacred energy that God has given and are also subjected to misery and grief because of evil traits like desire, anger and greed (kama, krodha and lobha). You have absolutely no control over your desires. When one desire is fulfilled, you crave for another! Anger is another evil trait which ruins people. "One with anger will not be successful in any endeavour. They will commit sins and be ridiculed by one and all," says a Telugu poem. Hatred is more dangerous than anger. It gives rise to many evil qualities which come in the way of experiencing Divinity. Do not turn into a beast by allowing these wicked qualities to overpower you. Constantly remind yourself that you are a human being and keep a check over your bestial tendencies. How can we live Sai values in our daily life?

What Is Love?

“I separated Myself from Myself, so that I may love Myself”, proclaims the Lord. Love is the primordial urge and the basis of creation. Love is God. This love assumes many different forms in the phenomenal world and gives a variety of experiences to individuals. While the forms of love keep changing based on one’s relationship, the Principle of Love remains unchanged. Swami enumerates the different forms of love that human beings experience and He delineates how human love differs from Divine Love. Human love is temporary and is based on attachment and affection. Divine Love is pure, selfless and enduring. Swami tells us that true bhakti (devotion) is love for God. We must cultivate such love and become embodiments of pure love.How can we cultivate such love and become embodiments of pure love?
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